Emin Serin

Emin Serin

PhD Fellow in Neuroscience

Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin


I am a PhD Fellow in Neuroscience at Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin. I have received my Master of Science in Neuroscience from the Berlin School of Mind and Brain. My master’s thesis focused on developing a toolbox that utilizes machine learning and graph theory to analyze resting-state functional MRI data.

I am particularly interested in the extraction of hidden biomarkers of psychiatric and neurological diseases from the brain images using machine learning methods to help to define diseases and aid diagnosis and prognosis.

I enjoy programming, exploring information from data, and cooking!


  • Clinical Neuroscience
  • Precision Psychiatry
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning


  • PhD in Neuroscience, Present

    Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin - Charite Universtätsmedizin Berlin

  • MSc in Neuroscience, 2019

    Berlin School of Mind and Brain - Humboldt Universtät zu Berlin

  • BSc in Psychology, 2016

    Izmir University of Economics


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The prediction-based extension of Network-based Statistic.